Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter 2009

Easter was so fun this year. The kids and I headed down to Sacramento for the Holiday. We had a fun Easter Egg Hunt that Aunt Marlo put together on Saturday, and then it was over to dyeing Easter Eggs and Aunt Mo's house that evening. After church on Sunday we headed over to our friends mom's house for lunch and homemade ice cream yum! Then to Aunt Marlo's for a yummy dinner and another Easter Egg Hunt with the cousins. I love Easter and was so happy to be able to spend it with Family and Friends. 


Am said...

glad to see more pictures! Man you have cute kids! We Miss You Guys!!

Marc and Stacy said...

I'm really sad we missed you guys...again! :) Miss you all

Rogers Roundup said... are blogging again. Those are some good pictures! I wish we could of talked more on Easter. It was good to see you guys.

Manda Mae said...

cute cute cute blog... your children are very cute and can i just say.... YOU HAVE GREAT HAIR!

Anonymous said...

You must be very busy! How are you?