Saturday, November 17, 2007

Family Pictures

With the Christmas Season coming upon us, I felt it was about time for the annual family photo!! ....... So why is it that this is such a headache?? I wonder why exactly I put myself through the torture of this blessed occasion??? Let's just say that I am so glad that this day is finally over! I'm very happy, the pictures turned out great!! Thanks Kate!

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Trip to Elk Grove

This last weekend was Veterans Day, so what better thing to do on a long weekend than go up to Elk Grove and see family and friends! Friday we drove up to Rocklin and visited Kate. We decided to go off on one of our adventures taking the kids to the Mall. We always wonder after the fact why we do this to ourselves, but it is always fun. We headed to Chuckee Cheese for dinner. A little fun for the Mom's and a little for the kids.... Saturday was Montana Belle's 1st Birthday. She had a dress up princess party. It was so much fun to use the princess outfits Mam's had given them. Ty headed up to several of his cousins football playoff games. That night was tapped off with a game night!! It was so much fun to visit with Mike, Brooke and Monique. I pretty much got slaughter playing Blockus and Apples to Apples...... Sunday was great to go to the old ward and see lots of friends. After church the Mcdonalds had us for dinner. It was so yummy. The girls had fun dressing up and making the boys play house with them. That didn't last to long though with wii as the other option. Melissa was nice enough to let them stay the night. They had a blast!! (Some how I think I got the better end of the deal....) Monday was nice and relaxing. The kids had fun helping Mams and Pompie decorate the first of 4 Christmas trees!! I don't know if Mams and Pompie enjoyed them helping as much as the kids did. All and all it was a great weekend!! Can't wait for Thanksgiving!!

Trip to Elk Grove

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Trick-or-Treating 2007

Halloween 2007 we went to a friends house and ate pizza, passed out candy, and went trick or treating.