Monday, July 23, 2007

Sequoia National Park

So, we are finally starting to get settled and Mark has these big plans to take us up to Sequoia National Park. It's great idea, however he never plans these kind of trips in advance. The other problem is 4 of the 5 in the family get very very car sick on curvey roads. ( I'm sure you can figure out who isn't carsick!! ) There were a few promises made before we left, 1. Bathrooms 2. A place to stop since for food and drinks ( since he was planning last minute and we didn't have stuff to take with us ) 3. An hour drive that did not have hair pin turns.
Needless to say, It was about a 2 hour drive, no bathrooms, no services past the hour and a half of hair pin turns. I love it when I'm right. After about 30 min.'s my stomach finally stopped shaking and I could enjoy the beautiful atmosphere. Moral of the story always do your research on a trip even when Mark says " I'm positive, trust me, I've done the research!"

The Last Swim

Melissa and I high-jacked Amber's pool on the last day of school. Who knew it would be the last time we swam at the Lewis'. Thanks Amber, sorry you had to be at work.

Our New House

Many thngs that were not thought about when buying a house. #1. Mark would need to "learn" how to mow the lawn!!

Mark's CHP Graduation

Finally! Mark Graduated from CHP.