Thursday, September 18, 2008

"Man"cation to Utah

Every year Mark goes on a little Vacation with the boys. It's filled with Golf, the BYU football game, GOLF, good food, oh, and did I mention more GOLF. Wow 5 rounds in 3 days!! 


Am said...

Did he go to the game last Saturday? My Dad, Brother, Sister and her husband were there too!

britta said...

We did not see a mark anywhere in Utah. You got some splenin' to do!

britta said...

After I left you a comment Jon told me you guys did talk and try to get together. So... Sorry I gave you a hard time! We will look forward to November.

Priscilla said...

Those boys did have a good it's are turn to have a "WhooHooNoKidsCation"!

Anonymous said...

Last year I went golfing at our family reunion! My cousin Jake was on the green infront of us (about a football distance) My little sister, got up to take a swing. I asked if maybe she should wait for Jake to move. His Dad said, "I'll pay Liesel (age 14) $20.00 if she can make the green." I said, "what if she hits him in the head?" He said, "I will pay her $100.00" She got up there, hit the ball, it bounced once, then hit Jake in the head. He's a BIG kid but it dropped him to the ground like a fly! After we realized he'd be okay, we laughed our heads off. Doug payed Liesel the $100.00 - I have to tell that golf story every chance I get! LOL
Love to you~